Our bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes give students two years post study work visa upon successful completion.

London City Business School’s partners are offering London and UK fast track employability service to assist you with finding a UK  job opportunities and assist you with relevant visa to fast track your UK employability.

London City Business School and its London Partners are here to assist you throughout your entire journey, from studying for a UK degree, to working for a UK company (remotely) or coming to the UK.


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This is the best time to study UK qualifications and obtain UK employment:

  • UK is best place to get a UK degree and to work: the UK economy is growing rapidly.
  • The UK government announced a 2-year work visa for students graduating from July 2021 onward. This visa will all students to work in (almost) any profession and for any employer in the UK without any level or salary requirements.
  • This is a new era of UK immigration for UK qualifications and UK employment post Brexit: from 1st of January 2021, a new immigration system was introduced. This system applies to both EU and non-EU nationals. EU nationals were previously allowed to work and study freely in the UK, after Brexit i.e. 31st of December 2020, this is no longer the case. Under the new system it is considerably easier to obtain a work visa, the minimum skill level and minimum salary has been lowered. The labour market test has been abolished. These are changes that benefit UK employers and migrant workers greatly, opening up workforce market to more people and incentivising migrants to work and live in the UK.
  • Brexit: this means that many EU citizens are leaving the UK, since they will be treated differently than UK citizens e.g., in the areas of taxes and employment, this makes it less attractive for EU citizens to work in the UK and the UK needs more to replace this post-Brexit work force

The UK immigration employment process, due to Brexit, has been changed significantly

  • It has been simplified: this makes it easier for UK employers to hire skilled migrants
  • It has reduced the level of required salary and removed the labour market test (meaning in the past employers were required to advertise the post in a special manner to give local UK and EU nationals priority): the UK employers can now consider all applications, from the UK, EU or migrants, on equal footing without giving preference to UK or EU candidates.
  • It has changed the allowed professions thus allowing more migrants to work in more professions that were previously inaccessible
  • The previous level 6 (RQF) requirement, only allowing highly skilled workers, has been changed to level 3 (university entry level), allowing almost anyone to work in the UK
  • Besides the Skilled Worker route, the graduate immigration route, have been created e.g. MA/BA obtaining a 2 year visa, and the PhD graduates a 3 year visa.
  • Furthermore, there are short-term work, and Entrepreneur and Innovator visa routes available for graduates.

All these changes mean that a larger pool of migrant workers will have more opportunities in the UK and will be able to get jobs in the UK in many more professions than ever before.

The London City Business School its qualified London Partner are providing the most valuable UK qualifications and can assist you with your Journey to get a UK qualification, and to work and live in the UK, in addition we can take on all your necessary visa work.


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